Frequently Asked Questions

1How long do I need to wait to see improvements?
Depending on several factors, it usually takes 3-4 weeks after completion.
2How is the quality of the content like?
Probably the best you will find for this kind of service. We ensure content is manually processed, highly readable & well-researched. Due to the volume of links, the articles will be spun. We’ll write the stated number of unique articles first before spinning them. Rest assured, the articles will pass Copyscape and will be completely unique.
3Are all our posts written Uniquely?
Yes, all the posts will be unique.
4Do you offer our services in foreign languages?
No, the post will be written in English, the keywords might be accepted in Foreign Languages but the article body will be in English.
5Do you entertain new websites?
Oh yes we do! Pre existing websites or new ones, we do it all.
6Does this service work even for non-English websites?
Definitely yes. We have seen increased page rankings on all sites we have worked on, regardless of location. However your keywords must be in English letters, not necessarily in the English language, it is up to you, so that we will still be able to make this service work for you. Also if your site is targeting a specific Google location like Google.fr, google.de, google.co.uk, etc please let us know while ordering.
7Do you accept all types of sites?
We do not accept Adult/Porn, Casino, Poker, Gamble, alcohol, wine related sites.
8Does your service guarantee page 1 ranking?
Google and other search engines do not have a hard and fast rule while ranking websites and their algorithms keep changing so we do not gurantee immediate ranking. We use optimization tools to provide higher ranks to your website but according to google policies some sites are not ranked immediately. However your website will rank for sure.
9Can this get us banned from Google?
No! If your sites already blacklisted then you will stay there, but this service will not make any negative impact on your ranking. If your site is new or you have a low number of backlinks what could happen is that you move backwards in SERP, but only for SHORT time. After that you will come back to old position and continue going forward.
10Do we offer revision/link replacements?
Yes we do, if you are having problems in your orders, we will immediately solve your problems.
11How many anchors/URLs can I use?
It totally depends on the packages you select. Suggested keyword is given below: For Relief we suggest 1 url and 3 keywords For Relax, Pleasure and Freedom we suggest 1 url and 5 keywords Please make sure that your keywords are properly selected. Do not waste your money on the Keywords which will never rank with all the money you have.
12Do I have to do any extra SEO?
Generally, no. You’re welcome to use our own ranking methods, but we strongly recommend you let us know what you’re planning as to not interfere with our work.
13Do you offer any gurantees/refunds?
I gurantee you that you won’t need a gurantee, how’s that? But really, there are no gurantees, as far as refunds, we will give you 100% refund If we fail to complete the work as described above.
14Is reporting included in the package?
Oh yes. A detailed report with links for you to locate and read posts and activities is carried on your behalf!
15Do reports carry my company logo?
Absolutely. We designed the system to replace your backend office so you can focus on sales.
16Does your link building method change?
Of course. We’re constantly testing and implementing new methods of ranking, but you don’t need to worry because we’ll detail it all in your monthly report.
17How far have you gone with this service? Does this service still work after the Google Panda/penguin updates?
Yes it does. We have been testing our SEO strategy after the recent updates with great success. We have put lots of research on this service keeping the future in mind. No doubt SEO has become more complicated and maybe a little more expensive, with the saying that all good things come with a price. Some think that SEO’s do not operate anymore but we are here to tell you that we are good and running well even after all the updates and de-indexing. We want you to know that we will always continue to rank sites for you no matter what. We have removed couple of link types whose effectivess dwindled after the Google changes. The effectiveness on SERP has been minimal at best. In the new upgraded packages we have added 9 strong backlink types for the same old price.
18Do you give Bulk Discounts?
Yes we do have bulk discounts. PM/mail me the packages you are interested in and I ll get back to you with a quote.
19Do you accept customized orders?
Currently we do not accept customized orders.
20Why there is no ezine link in my report?
Ezine does not accept the articles if your keywords or the niche falls under the following category: Hacking Sites, Illegal Sites, Porn Sites, Music Download Sites, Movie Download Sites, Non English Websites, Copon Codes Sites, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Pinerest Followers, Google Plus Followers, Duplicate Sites, Copyright Content, Brand Names.., Some Sites Which Use Companies Brand Names, Softwate Cracking, Illegal License Keys Sites, Site Which Allow To Download Paid Stuff For Free, Like Themes, Software License, Antivirus Keys, Articles Related To Gamblins, Gambling, Cashion, Casino, etc.
21What if I miss the email of the keyword research report?
We will wait 3 days for your reply then we will process the order with ours selected keywords.